Training You Can Benefit From As A Veteran

Did you know that being a veteran can help you become more qualified to receive certain educational benefits? Did you know that when you go back to school as a military veteran you get to use the skills you learned while serving in the civilian sector more successfully? Whether you are fresh out of the military and wanting to merge into civilian life and provide a living for your family, or you've been retired for a while and you want to learn a new skill to give you ways to fill your life, you can take advantage of certification for veteran benefits. Read More 

New Parent? Start Now To Prepare Your Child For Success In Preschool & Beyond!

As a new parent, you have probably already begun to plan for your child's future, especially in the area of education. Although it is not possible to predict the field of interest or specific career path a child will ultimately take, parents who start early and take a proactive stance toward their child's educational needs are making a positive commitment to the success and happiness their child will experience as an adult. Read More