3 Reasons Commercial Child Care May Be a Better Option Than In-Home Care

After having your first baby, one decision you may need to make is where you will send the child while you and your spouse are both at work. This choice typically comes down to finding an in-home daycare center or a commercial daycare center, and both can be good options. Here are three reasons choosing a commercial child care center might be the better choice for you. The Service Is Always Available Read More 

4 Tips For Finding The Right Nursing Program

If you are considering working toward your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), there are several factors you should consider when narrowing down your selection of programs. The program you choose can have an impact on your career and graduate-level education opportunities. Think Ahead Although your initial consideration is pursuing and completing your BSN, you should prepare yourself for opportunities in the future. Even if you are uncertain, but believe you may want to pursue nursing careers that require a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), this should affect the programs on your list. Read More 

What Type Of Day Care Program Should You Choose For Your Disabled Child?

Although it may seem like a relatively uncomplicated decision, choosing a day care for your child can sometimes feel as challenging as choosing a college or career path. This decision is only made more complex when your child has a physical or mental disability that can impair his or her ability to thrive in a traditional day care setting. What are your best day care options for a disabled child, and what should you evaluate in choosing a specific program? Read More 

Taming Aggression In Your Preschool-Aged Child

The first five years of life are marked with change. Starting preschool adds a new social environment that brings some added challenges for some children. If your child has been showing signs of aggression and anger at preschool, you'll need to do some positive intervention to help get to the bottom of the emotions that are driving these behaviors. Helping a child to redirect anger toward healthy expression can be difficult, but it will help them to learn and succeed with their peers at preschool. Read More 

New Parent? Start Now To Prepare Your Child For Success In Preschool & Beyond!

As a new parent, you have probably already begun to plan for your child's future, especially in the area of education. Although it is not possible to predict the field of interest or specific career path a child will ultimately take, parents who start early and take a proactive stance toward their child's educational needs are making a positive commitment to the success and happiness their child will experience as an adult. Read More